Thursday, February 26, 2015

Episode 5: All Peppermint Errythang

Feeling a little off this week with a migraine, but the show must go on!

No finished objects. :(

Tailwind by Clara Falk
Vanilla Burger Socks with "Beefsquatch" by Nomadic Yarns
Cozy Memories Blanket
Kuura Shawl by Milja Uimonen

Stash Enhancements
Knit Picks Stroll Brights in Highlighter Yellow

Things I Love
Hannah Maggs weekly vlogs
Ben & Jerry's Half Baked Ice Cream
Season Finale of Parks and Rec (major sad face)

Shop update here tomorrow, Friday February 27th at 2pm EST!!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Episode 4: I hope you like babies! And tangents...

So, it's been two weeks since my last episode. I'm not sure if I should stick with this biweekly schedule or really try to push out episodes weekly. It's a bit tasking as a work at home mom running a business, starting a new business and trying to record podcasts on top of some selfish knitting (;  For now, I'll plan on biweekly episodes and if there are a few weekly episodes thrown in then it will be a pleasnt surprise!

- Vanilla Burger socks in my Bob's Burgers bag both from Nomadic Yarns
- Flax sweater in my own hand dyed yarn by Tin Can Knits
- memories blanket – played with cast on stitches, different size needles, yadda yadda finally found what I like. C/O 40 stitches on US size 6 needles.

- crochet coasters with slip stitch contrasting color
- Great up north mittens by Andrea Mowry

Shop Stuff

Loch Ness

Sugar Plum Fairy

Dimension 35-C
Rick's Interdimensional Portal Gun

Meseeks and Destroy

Sugar Plum Fairy Gradient

Loch Ness and Sugar Plum Fairy are now in the shop as dyed to order skeins. Later this afternoon I will be listing a purple gradient as well as my Rick and Morty Collection. I will also be listing project bags in a sock size, shawl size and tetrahedron notions pouches. You can find my Etsy shop here.